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As your buyer representative (ABR®), I can assist a you in finding qualified and licensed inspectors, and provide you with documents that contain information about your prospective new home.   While I am an Oregon licensed Realtor, I am not a licensed home inspector.  Generally, a buyer has 10 business days in which to complete their due diligence regarding the condition of the home and negotiate with the seller about necessary repairs.  As your agent, I would negotiate on your behalf.


Depending upon the home's age, condition, and location there are a variety of inspections that are available to a buyer.  Three basic inspections would include:  a full house inspection, a sewer scope, and a radon test.


Other tests may be required if: (and this is not a complete list)

  • the home is connected to a septic tank versus the public sewer line
  • the home's water comes from a well or spring versus the public water line
  • the home was built prior to 1978
  • the home's siding is EFIS


In the Buyer's Guide that I provide for each buyer, I have a list of the most common inspections.  After your home inspector(s) has presented you with a written report, we will review the list of recommendations, and I will prepare an Addendum of Repairs for the seller and negotiate on your behalf. 


For an overview why inspections are important, The National Association of Realtors provides this information:  Home Inspections